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Re: New CO2 setup

>Pop Rocks) And a teaspoon of Sprite, and I I have two tubes inside the
>Bottle, I have on that takes the CO2 out and Another which is connected
>to a Airstone and Air is constantly Mixing the mixture around so you
>dont need to shake it so often, And the Tube that removes the CO2 from
>the bottle is connected to a Reverse Flow Power Head.
>   Am I doing okay? Are the ingerdients useless?

I don't think the pop rocks and sprite would do much, especially in such
small amounts. The vinegar and baking soda should make some CO2, for a
little while. As far as having an air stone in the mixture, it's my
understanding that you are defeating the purpose of the yeast.

I believe that yeast only produces CO2 when it metabolises sugar
anaerobically (without any oxygen present). The CO2 and alcohol are a
byproduct of this. By bubbling air, and therefore oxygen, through the
mixture, it seems that you would definately be reducing, if not
eliminating, CO2 production. To get good production, you want to have only
one outlet from your reactor for the CO2 to escape. This keeps any oxygen
from entering and allowing aerobic metabolism.

Philip Odom
pto at mail_utexas.edu

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