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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #625

Hey Guyz!

I made another CO2 Injector yesterday and I added a little of something 
else and it'z been working alot better than before.

  I dont know if theze products are making CO2 but the tube is shooting 
out bubbles every 2 seconds or so.  I put in the usual stuff Yeast, 
Sugar, Water, A little bit of flower, Then I added Vinegar and 
Bakingsoda(Just around 2 table spoons full) And then I added 3 bags of 
Pop Rocks) And a teaspoon of Sprite, and I I have two tubes inside the 
Bottle, I have on that takes the CO2 out and Another which is connected 
to a Airstone and Air is constantly Mixing the mixture around so you 
dont need to shake it so often, And the Tube that removes the CO2 from 
the bottle is connected to a Reverse Flow Power Head.

   Am I doing okay? Are the ingerdients useless?

  Thank You.