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Re: T8 bulbs and rapid start

Last message said:
> I do not know if the "Instant Start" ballasts would light your PennPlax
> bulbs, but if they are the "new" 32 watt four foot tubes or any of the 
> "new" higher efficiency tubes (e. g. 25 watt or 17 watt T8), the ballast
> SHOULD work.  No guarantees, I have NOT tried a Penn Plax bulb with my
> ballast. :-)

The key here is my bulbs are _3_ feet long, not 4' long.  Question I have 
is, is Rapid Start different from Instant Start?  Energy Savers calls their 
ballast Rapid Start.  Only Rapid Start bulbs supp. work.  Penn Plax says 
they don't make any 3' long Rapid Start bulbs. Arghh.

> They will take 32, 25, and 17 watt T8
> tubes. These are the "new" super efficient tubes.  I do not know if the
> ballast would light an ordinary T8 40 watt tube, but I "presume  (:-[) it
> would not.  The "6,000 Kelvin" tubes were also purchased from Grainger, 
> $6.70 per.  LOTS of light, very low cost.
> Hope this will be helpful. 

It is helpful, thanks.  Who is Grainger please?

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