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Recycling of Nutrients Question

At 03:39 PM 4/2/97 -0500, Neil Frank wrote:

>I usually don't prune the old leaves. First, because I don't usually see any
><g> - lots and lots of plants, and as I am getting older, so are my eyes
><g>, but also because it is useful to see if the outer leaves are getting
>holes. This can tell you that the new leaves need more nutrients and are
>recyling them from the older part of the plant. Some of this is OK, but when
>it is occuring too much it means that there is a shortage of something...
>like N.

This is a very interesting comment.  Especially since this is going on in
my aquarium right now with one plant I have and I had no idea why.  I
suppose the solution is to supply more fertilizer to this plant?  Are there
other things I should supply as well?


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