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Re: Corallife fixture and T8's, con't

> Re: the Corallife Fixture mentioned by Roxanne Bittman as not lighting 
Penn Plax bulbs, is this the "electronic ballast" fixture that is sold by 
R.C. Steele? 

No, it is a fixture plus ballast sold by Energy Savers, Inc.

> I have never used nor even seen this fixture, but thus far, all of
> the Electronic Ballasts I have tried will light ANY bulb.  This includes 
> "Rapid Start" Electronic Ballasts and "Instant Start" Electronic 

I have not heard of "Instant Start" - this was not one of the options on 
the table sent me by Penn Plax.  Penn Plax confirmed that their T8 3' bulbs 
would not work correctly with the Rapid Start fixture.

By the way, for people that may not not know what T8 and T12 mean:  This 
refers to the bulb's diameter.  It is measured in numbers of "eigths of an 
inch" (of all things).  So, a T8 is 8 x 1/8 inch, or 1 inch in diameter.  A 
T12 is 12 x 1/8inch, or 1.5 inches in diameter.  Talk about arcane.


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