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	Hi- I wonder if I can get some rather basic information. I posted a 
couple of weeks ago about the ice storm we had here in Ann Arbor and 
loosing power for 3 1/2 days. I have had terrible crypt meltdown in my 
primary 29 gallon. They were somewhat weak anyway as I had just won a major 
battle with algae. I have some really prize plants that I got from Bob 
Gasser some years ago (Crypt Rosaefolia and Mohemanii (sp?)). Anyway they 
are in very bad shape, each has a single rather sickly leaf left and I am 
really afraid I might loose them.
	My question is I have been thinking of setting up a homemade C02 
injector to try to aid recovery. Do you folks think that the resulting ph 
shift might cause more harm than the added C02 would benefit with crypts? 
Thanks for any thoughts. The tank right now is very quiet with just 6 
SAEs  in it. The lights are stable on a timer and it gets maybe an hour 
of eastern morning sun.