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I think H2S is Hydrogen Sulfide, and to me it smells like rotten eggs, not
"Natural Gas."  In fact, "Natural Gas" is almost one hundred percent Methane,
and does not have any significant smell, which is why they add Methyl
Mercaptan to it - so you can smell it when there is a gas leak.  

Methyl Mercaptan is harmless, so on those occasions when some of it is
accidentally spilled, and folks claim they are "getting sick from the gas,"
it is purely psychological.  Methyl Mercaptan does not make you sick - it
justs stinks!

The only thing this has in common with aquatic plants is, you do NOT want to
smell a lot of H2S from your tank.  Not good for either man, beast, or plant.

Well, I suppose it could be my Old Nose!! 8^D