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Aquaruim Pharmaceuticals test kits

What do people think of the accuracy of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits? I
know they're not comparable to Lamotte and Hach, but in terms of the
inexpensive "layman's" type test kits that you can get at most pet stores, I
think they've been around the longest (certainly since I started in '84) and
I don't recall anything bad being said about them here. I'm most interested
in the Ph and water hardness kits. Also, the hardness kit has 3 bottles of
test chemicals and I've had it for a number of years now (probably 5+).
Bottle 1 has a sodium hydroxide solution, bottle 2 has a "calmagite solution"
and 3 has an EDTA color indicator. Does anyone know what kind of shelf life
these things all have, and how if at all reliable they still are for making

												Thanks for any help,