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Re: Aponegoton bulb duds

In a message dated 97-04-01 15:46:12 EST, you write:

<<  From: ncampbel at ccmail_dsccc.com
 Subject: Aponegoton bulb duds
      I bought some Aponegeton bulbs and only 3 out of 7 have germinated and 
      grown well.  The remaining 4 haven't sprouted.  Is there anything I 
      can do to coerce the bulbs into sprouting? or are these ratios normal 
      and acceptable? >>

I have experienced similar (and worse!) sprouting rates with Aponegeton
bulbs.  If they didn't sprout within three weeks, they never did.
 Fortunately they were cheap and the ones that did sprout were attractive
plants and one of the few that I can get to flower.