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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #620

Hello  Andrew,

The usual Aponogeton sold here in Australia as the Queensland Lace Plant is
A. elongatus, of which there are several subspecies. I understand the genus
is being revised at present and the current 4 species will be expanded. 

In Queensland wild collecting for commercial sale has now been prohibited
and restrictions apply to their sale in aquarium shops. Most of those
purchased are wild-harvested and the act of placing them in your aquarium
stimulates them to start growing and drawing on the energy stores in the
tuber, which will continue to be depleted unless the plant is supplied with
enough light and nutrient to replenish those stores. 

In nature conditions such as falling temperatures, deteriorating water
quality, day length etc trigger dormancy and the plants don't necessarily
have to be dried out. If you simply lower the setting on your heater  by
about 5 C it may be enough for 3 months or so then raise it again. If your
plants still have enough stored energy then they will shoot again. I have
mine outside and they rest in Brisbane's winter with minimal foliage then
shoot up again in the spring/early summer.



Bruce Hansen, ANGFA
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> Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 08:07:28 +1100
> From: Andrew Neil <droid at neural_com.au>
> Subject: Aponegoton Dormancy Info Req'd
> Their have been a few postings regarding dormancy over the above bulbs.
> (Sorry I do not have the correct name at hand). I am specifically
> to the Australian variety, locally known as the Queensland Lace Plant. I
> have until of late had a few bulbs that have been raging. Water
> have changed in no way and they seem to have gone into hibernation, not
> rotting, just gone sleepy bobos. I have noticed folk mention bagging and
> placing in the crisper and such.
> Any thoughts, advice, constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards, Andrew Neil