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North East Council Annual Convention

Just a reminder:

The Aquatic Gardeners Association is Joining the North East Council of
Aquarium Societies for their 22nd Annual Convention in Farmington
Connecticut.  This is our first "official" attempt at a major get-together.
 Please come and help us enjoy a wonderful weekend.  The NEC always puts on
an outstanding function, and our added AGA participation will just add to
the weekend.

AGA is helping to sponor Claus Christensen as a speaker for the convention.
 Many of you know that Claus is the manager of Tropica in Denmark, one of
the world's foremost producers of aquarium plants.  He has collected
extensively in the wild, and lectures regularly in Europe.  He also writes
regularly for a number of differnt publications in several languages.  This
will be his first speaking engagement in the U.S. and we'd love to give him
a real welcome from as many planted tank enthusiasts as possible.

For those of you who'd like to meet the AGA Steering Committee members in
person, or better yet, would like to become more involved in the AGA, this
is the perfect opportunity as well.  The whole Steering Committee, Bob
Cashin, Neil Frank, Karen Randall and Dorothy Reimer will all be there,
eager to meet you!

The AGA will be meeting at 1:00 p.m. on Friday for a planted tank round
table discussion featuring Claus Christensen, Dorothy Reimer, Neil Frank,
Bob Cashin and Karen Randall.  We are asking that all who are interested
bring along slides and/or video or other photos of their tanks for
discussion.  This will be followed at 3:30 by an open business meeting of
the AGA. Please bring your questions, comments and ideas! 

During Friday evening, each specialty organization will have a table in the
hospitality room where people can get together to talk about their favorite
subjects.  Claus will be speaking at some point during the Saturday
line-up.  There will be plenty of opportunities for more "plant talk" on
Saturday as well.  

Sunday, during the auction, our AGA table will be set up for casual plant
talk all day!

The NEC auction is well known for the high quality, member grown plants
that pass through.  Don't miss this opportunity to pick up something unusual.

If you'd like specifics on the convention, please contact me in E-mail