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Followup on Penn Plax lights

I posted a question recently regarding the compatibility of Penn Plax Ultra 
Tri Lux lights with the Corallife light fixture.  I had been having 
problems with the bulbs not lighting up.
I received some information from Penn Plax that answers the question.  The 
fixture will only work with rapid start bulbs.  Penn Plax only makes rapid 
start bulbs in the four foot lenth (40 watts) - this includes their 
Ultra Tri Lux bulb.
My fixture is 3' long and therefore my bulbs are not rapid start and are 
incompatible.  It's too bad since the Ultra Tri Lux is a nice, bright, T8 
(i.e. skinny diameter) tube.
Thank you to all who answered my original post: perhaps the person who had 
no problems with this bulb and that fixture has a 4' setup.  
By the way, I asked Penn Plax if they planned to put out rapid start bulbs 
in the other sizes and they said "no plans right now.."

An important note:  You can damage your Corallife fixture if you use bulbs 
that are not rapid start (i.e. that are "preheat" or "trigger start" 

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