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Re: Isoetes

Isoetes is considered a type of fern. As such, it has two types of spores 
that are found at the base of the leaves. Species are identified by the 
size and surface markings of the spores.
Isoetes is one of those plants that utilizes CO2 from the sediment. IMHO 
if you want success with this plant you need to plant it in a soil 
substrate that will generate  CO2. At our local university they have a 
tank of Isoetes that has been growing for decades. All they do is throw 
in some potting soil every once in a while. This has resulted over the 
years in a silty sand substrate on which the Isoetes thrive.
Im curious about your tx species ... are they found in granitic areas or 
limestone areas ... I ask because they water chemistry would be totally 
different in the two types of pools. Also, do the pools dry up in the 
summer ... there are many species of Isoetes that are found only in 
vernal pools.
Isoetes is also interesting because it is a CAM plant. This means that it 
fixes CO2 at night into C4 acids and reduces it to sugars the following 
day. Until the early 80's, this type of carbon fixation was thought to be 
a response to drought ... finding it in an aquatic plant was a real surprise!