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> Even 
> so, those results sound pretty convincing.  Convincing enough that I
might try this 
> myself with the subject plants in the same tank, with one receiving
Osmocote to the 
> surrounding substrate the other not.  Where can I get Osmocote? (I did
try looking this 
> up in the archives but it told me I ‘Cannot execute getfile’).  And thank
you for taking 
> the time and effort to perform a controlled experiment.  

I picked up a "sample size" at my local Home Depot (or was that Biulder's
Emporioum?) for about $1.99 or so which will probably last me about 5 years
at the rate I'm going.  One thing I did notice is that if the balls are
left on the surface of the gravel, you will get more algae, but used deep
in the gravel, I noticed no increase that my SAE's and Otto's couldn't keep
up with (IME). What I believe to be the best thing about Osmocote is the
fact that it is a timed release fertilizer and comes in small balls that
sink. There may be brands with better numbers that are also time-released,
but I couldn't find them on that trip and haven't looked since.