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Dave Gomberg's CO2 Disaster

(Yes, I am again LATE with my reply.  Still having an email problem.  Sorry.

I was not sufficiently clear.  What I intended to say was not  what I WROTE.
  I saw that immediately when Greg Tong commented on my post.  Thanks, Greg!

My premise was that it does not take a great deal of CO2 to be significant to
the PLANTS.  

Paul Speice was using MUCH too much CO2, hence killing his fish.  Dave's
disaster was _not_ just "bubbling CO2 through the tank," with some collecting
between the water surface and the top glass, his was an equipment failure
that dumped LOTS and LOTS of CO2.  

The lesson I was proposing was that CO2 is NOT an area where "A Little is
Good, but MORE is better."  Like a stuck heater, a stuck regulator, etc., can
cause a real mess.

I just replaced a heater that functions perfectly, but has no "cap" over the
adjustment knob.  I found my cats were turning the knob UP every time they
jumped onto the hood to get a drink of water from the "spring" in the open
topped external filter.  I had been really puzzled as to why the tank would
randomly suddenly jump from 72 degrees all the way up to 100 degrees, but
when the heater was adjusted and tested, it functioned perfectly.  The tank
would hold proper temperature for a time, then jump again.  It was quite

New heater, SECURE knob.  BTW, the Anubias, Val, and many Crypts did not seem
to mind the massive changes in temperature.  The Anubias species all bloomed!
 Probably the luck of the ignorant.

Anybody want some nice purr boxes (Cheap!!) that like to adjust the heater
controls?  One of them has figured out how to paw up a cover glass and eat
the Anubias leaves.  And you thought YOU had wierd animals around your