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Re: Osmocote & magazine writers

I have recently conducted a test with Osmocote on dwarf sag, and with
>the debate currently going on, I thought you might like my results.
>Non-osmocote: 55 gal w/various plants & community fish, standard
>aquarium gravel, lit with 2 x 24" gro-lux fluoro bulbs on timer with 12 hrs
>of light/day.
>Osmocote: 10 gal w/warious plants & fry from the community tank,
>standard aquarium gravel, lit with 1 x 18" gro-lux fluoro bulb on timer for
>12 hrs of light per day.
>Dwarf sag was removed from the 55 and planted in the 10 gal, and
>several pellets of osmocote were embedded in the gravel with the
>replantings.  The test was condicted for 5 weeks.
>Observations: some very minor algae growth occurred in the osmocote
>tank, but the dwarf sag showed twice as much new growth.
>IMO Osmocote is a winner.  Thanks to Dan Quackenbush for his
>excellent work!

I don't know whether or not Osmocote is a winner, but I'll bet that the fact
that the dwarf sag in the 10 gallon received about twice as much light
didn't hurt either.
>     Do writers use this forum as a means of garnering ideas for articles, 
>     or do they participate like the rest of us--to gain knowledge?  I am 
>     not comfortable with the notion that some of my postings may end up in 
>     an article somewhere, without my permission.  What are the rules on 
>     this topic?  I am guessing the various internet discussion groups are 
>     extremely fertile for a writer looking for ideas. 

As a very occasional magazine writer, I believe that most of us are here for
the same reasons - to both gain and pass along knowledge (in this particular
list, I do much more of the former), and maybe to bounce a few ideas off
others with similar interests but different perspectives.  It's possible
that those ideas may someday find their way into an article, just as ideas
from any other source might.

I couldn't object if someone else used any thoughts I expressed here as the
basis for an article, since the internet is, in a sense, a public place.
But I would have misgivings about someone essentially having us write the
article for them by just quoting what they find here.  There probably should
be some rules to address this; I know there was a major ruckus a while back
on one of the discus lists when a FAMA author quoted major chunks of the
postings there.