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Algae Farming & DQ

On Algae Farming,
   Yes, we are all algae farmers to some degree. However, the amounts
and the kinds of algae tell us a great deal about whether we are doing
things "right" in our tanks. Let's talk about balance again. The type,
number of plants, amount and duration of light, available CO2, and the
amount of fertilizer added, are just some of the factors that we need to
keep balanced. 
   Now about your problem, I think that most folks would agree that you
have "bad" algae, and maybe more than one kind of it at that. Here are
some things that might help:
1. Don't panic. Some algae, and sometimes even a lot of algae, is normal
in a new tank.
2. Add lots of fast growing plants. These help get excess nutrients out
of your water column. They can be replaced later, and it's better to
trim plants than to scrape algae.
3. Be careful with your PMDD. Excess iron in the water is a great way to
grow algae. It seems especially beneficial to the filamentous, furry
stuff. (I hope that description is not too technical)<g> With PMDD, more
is not better. I'd recommend  good test kits for iron and nitrates if
nothing else. I use LaMotte. I had a Red Sea iron test kit, and as far
as I'm concerned, they're worthless. It measured 0.1 no matter what.
Also without supplemental CO2, your plants may not be growing as fast as
they would with it; so they aren't using nutrients at a breakneck pace.

Happy Farming.

Now about DQ. Well said Dan. We are not the enemy. As a matter of fact,
this list is an ally to your mission of helping spread planted aquaria.
Not only do the people that read this list pick up a wealth of
information, but they also pass it along to others they come in contact
with. I've helped educate a pet shop owner myself, and now he is
encouraging others to try DIY CO2. He even carries a more diversified
selection of plants now. If you find yourself in the "attack mode"
again, I would suggest that you find out who is responsible for selling
houseplants as aquatic plants, and let them have an earful. And how
about those hoods that take only one bulb. 
    By making your earlier post, you have taken a step in the right
direction. Lurk, post, do whatever you like, but civility is _always _ a
good thing.