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Re: Hygro down in Fla.

>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:34:47 +0000
>From: dnoren <doug105 at metrolink_net>
>Subject: Re: Hygro down in Fla.
>With all the talk about hygro and sunset, I'm
>now wondering why I can't get it here in Fla.
>(at least none of the local shops has had it 
>since I got back into planted tanks last yr).
>Someone said it was banned in Fla. I have, in the
>past, seen it growing in local bodies of water but can't
>find any now. What gives? 

It is illegal to sell in Florida and several other States that have adopted
the Federal aquatic weed laws. You have probably heard about Hydrilla and
the problems it has caused to lakes and canals. The same was starting to
happen in Florida with polysperma....apparently due to stuff that
accidentally made its way into the local canals from plants grown by the
Florida plant industry. 

Neil Frank      Aquatic Gardeners Association         Raleigh, NC
      The Aquatic Gardener - journal of the AGA -  now in its seventh year!!