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Some CO2 Figuring

I constantly bubble CO2 at 62
bubbles/minute into my aquarium filter. I
measure about 26 bubbles/cc so that's
around 2.4cc/minute or 3.46 ltr/day of CO2.

Surprise#1: Those little pockets of
undissolved gas under my filter/diffuser
foam pad are no big deal considering I'm
delivering liters of CO2 each day!

I have a 90 gallon tank with a 300 ltr water
column. CO2's density at 75F is about
1.817 G/ltr. Making two simplifying arguable
assumptions: 1) 100% delivery, 2) no
depletion in darkness;

Surprise#2: In 12 hours of darkness at my
injection rate into my 90 gallon, I ought to
elevate CO2 levels by about 10.5mG/ltr
(3.46ltr/day/2*1817mG/ltr/300ltr). That's
close to being consistent with what I
measure after a night of "stoking" CO2 into
a fairly CO2 depleted tank at day's end!

I have a 5 lb cylinder of CO2. So, at 1.817
G/ltr that's about 1147 liters or 41ft3 of

Surprise#3: At my bubble rate, that cylinder
ought to last about 332 days. That's about

(Irrelevant factoid; compressed liquid CO2
density at 80F is about 42.2lbs/ft3)

Tim - Pittsburgh
P.S. Please post corrections