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Magazine writers

     I've noticed that two individuals who were subject to a lot of 
     controversy on this list are both magazine writers.  DQ mentioned an 
     article he wrote in FAMA, while Craig Bingman is science editor of 
     Aquarium Frontiers magazine.
     Do writers use this forum as a means of garnering ideas for articles, 
     or do they participate like the rest of us--to gain knowledge?  I am 
     not comfortable with the notion that some of my postings may end up in 
     an article somewhere, without my permission.  What are the rules on 
     this topic?  I am guessing the various internet discussion groups are 
     extremely fertile for a writer looking for ideas. 
     I am not being judgemental; I am merely curious.  If I were a writer I 
     would probably surf for materiel.  Any other magazine writers out