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I have recently conducted a test with Osmocote on dwarf sag, and with
the debate currently going on, I thought you might like my results.
Non-osmocote: 55 gal w/various plants & community fish, standard
aquarium gravel, lit with 2 x 24" gro-lux fluoro bulbs on timer with 12 hrs
of light/day.
Osmocote: 10 gal w/warious plants & fry from the community tank,
standard aquarium gravel, lit with 1 x 18" gro-lux fluoro bulb on timer for
12 hrs of light per day.
Dwarf sag was removed from the 55 and planted in the 10 gal, and
several pellets of osmocote were embedded in the gravel with the
replantings.  The test was condicted for 5 weeks.
Observations: some very minor algae growth occurred in the osmocote
tank, but the dwarf sag showed twice as much new growth.
IMO Osmocote is a winner.  Thanks to Dan Quackenbush for his
excellent work!