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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #611

>Tim Mullins <tmullins at telerama_lm.com> from Pittsburgh wrote:

>I've had luck with the lauterite-in-the
>lower-third-of-substrate method for
>awhile. A few month ago I tried also
>adding Tetra Initial Sticks to a few
>pots (rubber maid tray types). I found
>I had H2S production and anarobic
>activity in the Initial Sticks pots. 

Well, I consider myself to be reasonably well-educated, but "anarobic" had
me lost.  Hey, my dictionary doesn't even have this word.  Tim, would you
explain H2S production and anarobic activity, please?  TIA,

>I never had had this occure before.  I don't
>want to knock what could be a good
>product, but I've stopped using it. I
>do like Tetra's Crypto-Dunger tabs (sure
>is an odd name though).
>Tim - Pittsburgh

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 System Engineer, MITRE               
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