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Penn Plax lights & hitech fixture

I have some information for people regarding the compatibility of certain 

fluorescent lights and the Corallife light fixtures.  
I recently purchased the latter and it is very nice, with places for four 
bulbs.  I initially put in 2 Vitalites and 2 Penn Plax Ultra TriLux lights. 
 The vitalites work fine, but the Trilux will not turn on in the fixture.  
Energy Savers, Inc. (from whom I bought the fixture) says they have had 
trouble with people using the Ultra TriLux before:  it apparently is NOT a 
true "rapid start" bulb and therefore not really compatible with the 4-bulb 
fixture.  Energy Savers says only U.S.-made rapid start bulbs will work 
well (such as Vitalite, Corallife Triphosphor, etc.); something about 
the bulbs from overseas is different.

I wondered if anyone else has had this experience and if not, people should 
be forwarned.

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