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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #606

In a message dated 97-03-24 18:44:44 EST, you write:

<< > From: eworobe at cc_UManitoba.CA
 > Subject: Re: Dan Quakenbush
 > I have always and consistently advocated a 'low-tech' approach to the 
 > culture of aquarium plants. I have always maintained that equipment such
 > undergravel heaters, pH controllers, CO2 injection systems, expensive 
 > 'full spectrum' lights, fancy substrate additives etc are unnecessary. I 
 > also agree with you that many novices are scared off by the seeming 
 > difficulty of growing aquatic plants under these conditions, especially 
 > since they are convinced that they require this equipment in order to 
 > succeed.

I have to agree.  I was {am} a victim of this.  It seems like I have the 
hardest time getting to grow my plants that actually look good.  The 
pet store down my street, has the best looking plants growing in his 
tank. It's a small shop. Most business is grooming.  He has a few 
tanks mostly plants some times a batch of angels. A little while back 
his light gave out. Goes to home depot buys a shop light, plugs it in 
and that's it.  Plants grow like crazy for him.  Also, does little maint.
on the tanks.  
He even has a Madagascar lace growing {though, not for sale}