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Re: CO2 and what is good for "ALL" plants

>From: Pat Bowerman <bowerman at specent_com>
>Date: Thu, 03 Jan 1980 01:46:02 -0800
>Subject: Dan Q. and User116155

>Are you saying that we can all grow plants just as well for $50.00 to
>Some plants maybe, all plants, I seriously doubt. I'm a fan of CO2
>myself. Although, I can (and have) grown plants without it. For me, I
>get much better results with it. We're talking _much better_ here.

Let's be careful when we use the word ALL. Many results are only applicable
for 'some' or 'most' but not necessarily 'all.'
Although higher CO2 will provide better results for many plants, I have not
seen anyone demonstrate that it is better for ALL plants under ALL
conditions (e.g. soft water vs. hard water). I have personally had
difficulty with some crypts with CO2 and soft water. Furthermore, higher CO2
concentrations will change the appearance of some plants (e.g. Echinodorus
tenellus gets taller and looses its compact appearance) which may or may not
be a desireable result.

Then there are the bicarbonate consumers... who do not depend on CO2.

This is not to say that higher CO2 concentrations will not improve the
general appearance and rate of growth of many, many plants ... it certainly

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