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Re: Osmacote

Pat Bowerman <bowerman at specent_com> wrote:

>I have no idea about Osmocote. I haven't tried it. I use PMDD myself,
>and no, it's not really that much fun to try to find the ingredients
>for, but I believe it is as good as any fertilizer additive ever
>invented. (When properly dosed) However, I like to keep an open mind,
>and I would have no problem with trying Osmocote should you and a few
>others have success with it.

Osmacote is loaded with phosphorous. I'm using it in my substrate, and I've
had a couple of greenwater outbreaks after the substrate was disturbed when
uprooting plants. I would not reccomend that anyone add Osmacote directly
to the water. It's value is in the substrate where the P is available only
to rooted plants.


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