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CO2 Regulation

For about a year now I've been dosing
my tank with CO2. I have an airstone
under my Aquaclear 500's foam pad
dosing a bubble a second from a CO2
tank into my 90 gallon (I used to bubble
directly into into the filter's pump
but found it to be noisy and no more

My mains water is 7.4pH, 8dH, 4kH. My
tank's pH ranges from 6.7 in the
mornings to 7.1 in the evenings. CO2
concentration lie between 3 and 15 mG/ltr.
So, questions on my mind are:

1) Is my pH swing excessive? Is it
   considered typical of a night and
   day CO2 drip set-up?

2) Are pH sensing CO2 regulators worth
   the trouble and money? My biggest
   fear is somehow the unit would fail
   on and posion the aquarium with CO2.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Tim - Pittsburgh