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Substrate, Plant Maintenance

	I've currently got two 20 gal tanks, one all guppies, and another
guppies, tetras, and catfish.  I've some live plants in both - Cabomba,
something floating, Lloydella, Red Ludwigia, and Valisneria.  

	Is it normal that the plants uproot themselves on a regular basis,
and require re-planting?  Some of them do grow quite well (esp.
Lloydella), and often require trimming also.  
	Someone was mentioning kitty litter or other soils as substrate.
What substrate or other tricks are there to keep the plants stuck to the
bottom??  :>  

 	Another problem I have now that my guppies are breeding like crazy
is that they're eating all the plants.  If I were to set up a plant-only
10 gal tank, would I need anything other than gravel and light?  Is it
beneficial to keep the light on 24 hours a day?