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Fw: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #606

Re Dan Q's contributions -

Although I post infrequently I enjoy my regular APD's coming through. The
generallly good humoured tolerance that has been evident is still there but
everyone can have a bad day ( or two) :-) 

For me the recent "indigestion" underlines the fact that has been expressed
by others, namely that there are many ways to grow aquatic plants and some
will work better in some hands and some local conditions than others. Also
some will cost more than others but that often depends on local
availability and ingenuity. 

Please everyone, continue to post your experiences, observations and
questions for everyone to consider and enjoy. I for one appreciate them all
- even if my main interest is the plants themselves, I also enjoy the
discussions on substrate, water colour, lighting etc. Sometimes it amazes
me how a simple small observation such as the bubbling from the plants
after a water change can trigger a flood of possible explanations and
sometimes even a little humour ( which seems a little light on in this
list) while other threads stay a "trickle".

Thanks to everyone who contributes - hi or low tech!.


Bruce Hansen
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