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Re: Keeping Yeast Warm

JRS wrote:

>When I set up my new 55g plant tank in the basement I found
>that the yeast in my DIY CO2 system didn't produce very well when
>the temperature dropped to 55F. To solve the problem I bought an
>eight quart foam bait bucket for less than $2 and but the yeast
>bottle in it and a small porcelain socket next to it. I put  a 7 watt
>bulb in it and cut a hole in the lid to accommodate the top of the
>bottle.  With the light on and the lid on tight the temperature runs
>about 85F.  This was a little warm so I cracked the lid open and it
>runs in the low 70's and I get good CO2 production.

I keep my 2 yeast bottles (for my 20 gallon tank) in a small cabinet
with a heating pad wrapped around them.  I find that the rate of
bubbling is more constant if the yeast are not subjected to the wide
day and night temperature fluctuations that are characteristic of my
den (especially in winter).  The added advantage of keeping them
warm is that I've never had the aquarium water back-siphon after
changing yeast bottles.  Unfortunately,  this recently happened to me
in my 10-gallon tank which, ironically, is located next to a south-
facing window in the warmer main level of the house.  I was in a
rush and didn't allow the sugar solution to cool down sufficiently
before attaching the bottle.  As you may have guessed, the solution
cooled to ambient temperature at night (not using a heating pad on
this one, but probably should have been; it pays to follow one's own
advice!) and about a gallon of water back-siphoned into the bubble
counter and yeast bottle, and then onto my hardwood floor.  Yes, I
have airline check valves on there but they are the cheap variety
and maybe not properly placed.  I have ordered Dupla check valves
from Pet Warehouse.  They are more expensive, but hopefully they
will prevent this from happening again.

For the person who inquired about CO2 regulators I am reposting
the phone number for Diamond Lighting in San Rafael, California,
originally posted by Dionigi back in December.  They make products
mainly for greenhouses, but they also have a
regulator/solenoid/needle valve flow controller for about $150.  They
were very nice on the phone and I am considering ordering from
them for my next tank setup.  The number is 1-800-331-3994.

Jonathan in Maryland