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Brush Algae (and Other Matters)

> It sounds to me like blue-green algae.  Its fairly normal to see an
> outbreak a few months after a tank is first setup.  Bluegreen algae
> can be
> controlled by treating the tank with antibiotics.  Erythromycin is
> most
> commonly recommended, but I've also seen other antibiotics work.  I
> just
> wish I could feel comfortable telling someone to use antibiotics in
> their
> tank.  
I have a 40 gal tank with 80W of fluorescent, pH 7.2, yeast CO2, fluval
301, moderately planted, angelfish and guppies.  No problem with algae,
except for brush/beard algae which is gradually taking over.  I am
trying Aquarium Pharmaceuticals' phosphate removers with erythromycin
additive, but does anyone have any other ideas?  Is brush/beard algae
the same as blue-green algae?

One other comment: as a newbie, I wholeheartedly endorse the comments of
the "peacemakers" regarding the increasingly overheated tone of
disagreements.  I also wonder whether the membership as a whole is
interested in receiving screens and screens of discussion on topics such
as whether water is white.  My dictionary says a "digest" is a summary:
perhaps the full, unexpurgated, rated-18 version of disagreements could
be relegated to an appendix (called the Aquatic Gladiators Never-ending

	Elliot Royce
	In London, England, where you never see the sun but where the
people are polite (sometimes)