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Alternanthera & Sunset Hygro

> Someone, either on the list or in a store is confusing the two
> plants. The 
one you describe _is_ a variety of H. polysperma, and
> grows in the same 
manner, although it is slightly less hardy.
> Alternanthera is a completely 
different beastie, and depending on
> the species can be scarlet red, dark 
maroon or green. The plants
> sold as "Hedge" are Alternanthera sp. Very 
few of them adapt to
> totally submerged life.

Thanks Karen, and to the others for clearing that up. I bought some "Green
Hedge" early on, and am familiar with it. It definitely didn't like being
submerged. It didn't really even look to me like an aquatic plant, but back
then I tried to grow everything the store sold. Well, I never fell for the
submerged Dracaena cuttings they try to pawn off.

About Hygro poly Sunset:

> I kept a nice pot of it growing emersed all summer by my barn door. I
> just 
soaked the soil every morning to make sure it stayed moist. But
> it was 
definitely growing in "potted plant" not bog conditions in
> half day full sun. 

I'll have to try that. A few months back, I let my plants go for awhile, and
all my Hygros, Rotalas, and a few others went emersed, and most of them
bloomed. Since then I've been interested is seeing which of my aquatic plants
I can do that with. Do you think it would make a nice seasonal pond/bog
plant? How about the Alternantheras?

In Sacramento, CA