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Malaysian snails/Rotala macranda

After uprooting and replanting my 120gal, it has become apparent that I have an over-abundance
of these valued little critters.  I have begun to harvest them into a smaller tank for
safe-keeping in hopes of using them as trading material.

I'm looking for _tank-raised_ Rotala macranda.  R. macranda is readily available through
the usual channels, but it isn't tank raised.  I'd like to leap past that meltdown stage.

I'm looking for a few Echinodorus osiris, some _tank-raised_ E. tennellus, and some
A. reineckii.  Any other plants, rare, exceptional, or unusual would certainly be of

I have what appears to be a large colony of Malaysian snails, so I'd be glad to share them
with the list members.  No I won't sell them.  However you'll be stuck for the postage.