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PMDD in Australia

I just attempted to mix my first batch of PMDD.

I went looking for ingredients and found a trace element mix, but it 
didn't have 7% iron, or 4% iron with Mg, as mentioned in Kevin Conlin's 
posting on 13 Mar 96. What it had was:

Sulphur (as sulphates)                 6.29%
Calcium (CaCO3)                       10.00%
Magnesium (MgSO4)                      3.62%
Manganese (MnSO4)                      2.88%
Iron (Fe chelate)                      2.73%
Copper (CuSO4)                         1.25%
Zinc (ZnSO4)                           1.00%
Boron (Sodium Borate)                  0.09%
Molybdenum (Sodium Molybdenate)        0.0038%

Based on Kevin's comment re the 4% iron mix, I used 2.5 Tbsp of this to 
the 300 ml solution to bring the iron up to the equivalent of 1 Tbsp of 
7% mix. I didn't add epsom salts because the mix contained magnesium 

Will this work (it better, I've already started using it!)? I can't see 
why it wouldn't.

Kevin didn't mention calcium in the mixes but I wasn't concerned about 
that. I've noticed that when the plants really get a spurt on, my Gh 
drops so I figure that something which adds a bit of calcium and 
magnesium on a daily basis is probably "just what the doctor ordered" or, 
at least in this case, just what the plants are dining on.

I found the trace element mix difficult to dissolve, and it settles out 
of solution fairly easily so one has to shake well before use. Is this 
normal? I could try increasing the volume to 500 ml to dissolve it 
better, and increase the doses proportionately.

Sorry if these are old questions, but I don't know of anyone in Australia 
using PMDD so I can't go and ask someone local about how theirs looks, 
and what kind of ingredients they managed to locate.

David Aiken