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Duplarit G Disaster -reply -reply

Thank you, James, for your response and your willingness to help with my
Duplarit disaster.  Here are some answers to your questions:

>Have you contacted Dupla over this? In my experience, they are VERY
>responsive to customer enquiries and if they don't have an immediate answer
>they will go to great lengths to find out what you need to know (see my
>previous posts regarding tannins).

I have exchanged emails with Kaspar Horst at Dupla.  The closest he has
gotten to being helpful is to suggest that Daleco has sold me counterfeit
Duplarit.  I suppose it's possible, but the packaging was just right, it
had the plastic gloves, the plastic container appropriately printed with
the little tabs inside.

>Are you ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the substrate is not being disturbed in
>your tank? No undergravel filters or overly enthusiastic gravel vacuming
>being done? Any diggers among your fish population? Do you have any small
>children who could be "fishing" when you are not around?

Clearly the right questions to ask.  No UGF.  There is DIY UGH, but I
haven't had it on more than an hour since setup, since I feared the
convection might make matters worse.  I haven't vacuumed at all, just done
water changes--the python hasn't come within an half-inch of the substrate.
When adding water we use a "sprinkler" of sorts running with very little
water.  The relatively fine gravel has never been disturbed by it.  No
small children yet--well, the one we're expecting poses no threat to
anything but my wife's wardrobe and digestive tract . . . yet.

Even if any of the above conditions had prevailed, though,  I'd expect a
month to be enough time for the crap to settle out.

Thanks again,