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Safe way to prevent fungus on eggs?

Our 40 Gal tank is planted fairly heavily with Anubias, Vals, Brazilian
Swords, Crypts and Apogenetons.  The fish population consists of a single
mated pair of P.Scalares and currently one plecostomus (algae control).

Our desire is to raise fry naturally with the parents doing the work:)  We
lost the first spawn after approximately 2 days (laid in community tank and
moved to new location) even after diligent care by both parents.  We are
not certain that the eggs were even fertilized since the male spent the
majority of his time chasing away other tank inhabitants, but the eggs did
turn white and as they did so they were destroyed and eaten mostly by the

Now we are wondering if we can treat the breeding tank with anything that
will prevent fungus and yet not harm our plants which are flourishing.
Should we?  Any input would be very welcome.

Cathy Maynard
mufasa at iinet_com