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Re: Raising KH for more accurate pH control

It appears that there are indeed people who change the CO2 levels between 
night and day either by aerating the water or by turning off the CO2 
supply.  I have noticed that my plants do not start to bubble till 5 
hours after the lights are on and the CO2 supply connected.  Is the 
latter normal behavior or a symptom of not having the correct levels of 
co2 in the morning.  If the co2 is left on at night would this not lower 
the pH too much? (it is 6.5 in the morning at the moment).  Or is this 
advice meant for those with at least 3-4 kh readings.  Just out of 
interest in nature is there a large pH difference between night and day?. 
  Also, does the kh level need to be raised gradully over a period of 
days or can plants and fish quickly adapt to it?.