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Humidity and heat $$

I had a thought that I'd like to hear people's opinions about.  I have 
six aquariums in my two bedroom apartment along with twenty or so 
plants of the terrestrial (sp? damn no spell check) variety.  Two of these
aquariums, the 50g and 20g are with out covers with the four 15g's having 
covers only because I don't want to lose the SAE's again.  Here is my 
thought.  The relative humidity in the apartment must be pretty high and 
thus would retain heat better than a the low humidities one gets in 
heated spaces in winter in New England USA.  Thus, I'm spending less 
money to heat the apartment than I otherwise would not to mention this 
moister air would feel warmer than dry air of the same temperature. 
I know that it would take more energy to heat this moister air initially 
but I'm guessing that it would retain this heat better than drier air. 
So do I have a point or should I stop assuaging my wife's concerns about
the cost's of running and maintaining these aquariums with this argument.
:-)))   These are all planted aquaria of course.

				Just a thought,

						Miles Morrissey
						Easthampton, MA