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Re: Alternanthere sessilis

 You wrote: 
>I just saw a fresh shipment of this plant from Florida.  It came in labeled
>as "Sunset Hygrophila".  I would tend to believe its' preference is emersed
>growth rather than in the aquarium.  However, I remember Karen Randall
>a method for potting and raising Rotala macranda which might at least help
>in keeping this plant submersed.   Additional lighting is probably a must
>Karen, any input on this?
>Karl R. Schoeler


I remember seeing a picture of this plant in one of the Baensch Atlases.  It
it had a deep maroon color.  I can see why they would call it  "Sunset
Hygrophila".  It does look like hygrophila poly. except for the color.  I
think Karl is right and that it is really a plant suited for emersed growth.
 I think the atlas said it wouldn't last long submersed.  Too bad my atlases
are out on loan or I could check to make sure.  Why is it called
Alternanthere sessilis when it looks exactly hygrophila poly. except for the