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>From: jesmith at sonnet_com (Jeanie E. Smith)
>Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:41:01 -0800
>Subject: aquarium driftwood
>Has anyone delt with or bought plants from Aquarium Driftwood?  How are
>their prices?  Any reccomendations for a good mail order source for plants?

I bought driftwood from Aquarium Driftwood and it is very nice driftwood
and all they say it is. However, I felt like an idiot paying money for
driftwood after talking to a couple of guys here. I belong to a Hobbyist
club that is loosely affiliated with the Vancouver Aquarium (you know, one
of those really BIG aquarium places with HUGE tanks -- even whales) and
several of the group members work at the Aquarium. Well (getting back to
driftwood) these guys collect their driftwood in the local lakes. It is
drowned wood, old and completely water-logged so it sinks. It does not
discolour the water. I got several pieces from them (for nothing) and it's
excellent, interesting shapes and sizes. They tell me they have never had a
single problem with bugs, algae, fungus (whatever) with simply rinsing the
wood with hot water and putting it in their aquariums. So I suggest, before
ordering driftwood you check out any local sources. If damns have been
built in your area there's sure to be a "drowned wood" source. Specially
look for any clubs that might help. I've certainly bought my last piece of

in Vancouver