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Re: Alternanthere sessilis

> From: Roxanne Bittman <rlb at nhdgis_dfg.ca.gov>
> Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:19:51 PST
> Subject: Alternanthera sessilis
> I would like to successfully grow Alternanthera sessilis - and by
> successfully, I mean plants with lots of red leaves and bushy growth, like
> in the Dutch Plant Aquarium pictures.  It seems all this plant does in my
> tank is lose its leaves and put energy into root growth.  I usually lose
> patience with it after a few weeks.  Is this too soon?  Is the trick to
> wait until it produces roots and then the leaves will follow?


I just saw a fresh shipment of this plant from Florida.  It came in labeled
as "Sunset Hygrophila".  I would tend to believe its' preference is emersed
growth rather than in the aquarium.  However, I remember Karen Randall describing
a method for potting and raising Rotala macranda which might at least help
in keeping this plant submersed.   Additional lighting is probably a must.
Karen, any input on this?

Karl R. Schoeler