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Re: CO2 disaster

>Dave Gomberg accurately describes a VERY unfortunate event. Dave, thanks for
>sharing it with us. It may well save a few tanks of fish!
>Back a few years ago, the "Aquatic Maestro," Paul Speice used to talk about
>"Bubbling CO2 into our tanks, and all of our fish died.  Bad idea. . . . . "
>(Very rough quote!) Back then, my thought immediately was, "too MUCH CO2, it
>doesn't take very much to make a significant difference."   Dave just proved
>that theorum.

Dave and I have talked and he has posted an elaboration: "The lot of CO2
was maybe 2-3L per hour for two days.  That is a huge amount of CO2."

Dave's disaster was due to a failure of the regulator on his pressurized
CO2 canister--nothing to do with low-tech yeast solutions. He did not
"bubble too much" CO2. His system dumped a massive amount overnight. In
other words, it did take a very large amount of CO2 to create the disaster
in his tank.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA

"Every infinity is composed of only two halves."