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Raising KH for more accurate pH control

>In Boulder, our water comes from the Arapahoe Glacier and by the time it
>gets to the tap it is very soft, with GH of 3 and KH of 2.5.  I have
>gathered from comments here that this water is too soft for CO2 injection

I'm in Lafayette, so I have a different water processing plant than you,
but the output is about the same:  KH ~ 3.  I haven't had any problems.
The stuff comes out of the tap with a pH of 8+, and it takes about 3
bubbles/sec of CO2 to bring my tank (60g + 15g of sump) down to a pH of 7.

What did lead to a little pH drift was the evaporation/water replacement
cycle which led to a KH oscillation (it's pretty dry here, and the tank has
an open top).  I eliminated that problem when I added a continuous water
change system consisting of a slow drip to the drain and a float valve
connected to the water line.  IMO this is unquestionably the best thing
I've done to a tank in years.  Water is clearer (yes I thought it was clear
before:  now it looks better, and no I don't want to get into the white
bucket thread), pH is more stable, plants seem to bubble more, and I get to
spend more time playing with my 2 month old daughter and less hauling
around water changing stuff.  :-)

James Harold

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