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1).	We had the mother of all ice storms here in Ann Arbor and we lost 
power for 3 1/2 days. (Why do the power lines always go but not the phone 
lines?). Of course one night the temperature went down to 10 degrees, no 
heat in the house or tanks. Anyway here is what we did in case anyone 
else is unfortunate enough to have the same problem. My daughter and I 
got hot water bottles and kept filling them (we still had hot water) and 
putting them in the tanks. We lost some fish (glass cats, neons, corys) 
and I have had some crypt meltdown (the first time in years) but all 
things considered we came through pretty well. We had also covered the 
tanks with heavy blankets to keep the heat in. They still got cold at 
night while we slept but I suppose things could have been a lot worse.

2). I have cleared 2 tanks of beard algae by doing the following. I first 
cut out all plant leaves that have the algae on them. I also scraped as 
much off the sides as I could. I vacumed up whatever algae I could. I 
then put 6 SAEs in each tank by themselves for about a month without 
feeding them. This seems to have done the trick in both tanks.