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Re: Raising KH for more accurate pH control

> From: babar100 at ix_netcom.com
> Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 19:26:27 -0800
> I recently measured my kh and dh and found a zero reading.  How much
> Calcium Carbonate and Baking Soda per gallon do you need to introduce
> to the tank to bring it up to 3.5 - 4?.

One teaspoon (about 6 grams) of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) per 50
liters of water will increase KH by 4 degrees and will not increase
general hardness.  Two teaspoons (about 4 grams) of calcium carbonate
(CaCO3) per 50 liters of water will increase both KH and GH by 4
degrees.  Different proportions of each can be used to get the correct
KH/GH balance dictated by the fish and plants in the tank.  Since it
is difficult to accurately measure small quantities of dry chemicals
at home, a test kit should be used to verify the actual KH and GH that
is achieved.

> I am continuing to dose CO2 from a yeast reactor with a ph around 6.5,
> happy fish, bubbling plants and my tetra CO2 test measuring ideal
> levels of CO2.  Do most people turn off the CO2 supply at night?.

Many do but they (and you) probably should not.