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>*	I am continuing to dose CO2 from a yeast reactor with a ph around 6.5,
>happy fish, bubbling plants and my tetra CO2 test measuring ideal levels of
	My pH measures at around 7.2.  Do most people find below 7.0 is
necessary for good plant growth

>*	Do most people turn off the CO2 supply at night?.
yes, you can get a controller linked to your light timer that will turn
it off.  I also have aeration linked to a timer so that the tank starts
off in the morning with plenty of 02

>*	Is anyone else experiencing problems using the archive at the moment?.  It
>appears there are no references to pmdd or kh.  When searching for 'plants'
>it communicates that there is no data in the file.
Yes, I was unable to search by PMDD -- strange given all the discussion
>it engenders!