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CO2 disaster

Dave Gomberg accurately describes a VERY unfortunate event. Dave, thanks for
sharing it with us. It may well save a few tanks of fish!

Back a few years ago, the "Aquatic Maestro," Paul Speice used to talk about
"Bubbling CO2 into our tanks, and all of our fish died.  Bad idea. . . . . "
(Very rough quote!) Back then, my thought immediately was, "too MUCH CO2, it
doesn't take very much to make a significant difference."   Dave just proved
that theorum.

I DO intend to introduce a small amount of CO2, "When I get A ROUND Tuit."
but I am working on improving my lighting first. 

I will let you all know what happens, good or bad. {Now, WHERE did I hide
that pH meter?  I know it was around here someplace.}