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Crazy idea

What do you think of this:
We're always fighting our water.  We have very hard well water.  For
drinking and for our fish tanks we have an RO unit.  For washing and
bathing we have a water softner.  I was just thinking, though.  Untreated,
this water is loaded with Fe and CO2.  Aside from the pH change you get
from leaving our untreated water out for a day or two, iron settles out of

Rather than fighting the water I have been thinking about taking advantage
of it.  What if I set up a planted tank with a very small continuous water
change.  Maybe just a partial daily water change? Freshly pumped out of the
ground this stuff would have to be great for aquatic plants.  Cut out the
Iron supplement, cut out the CO2 supplementation. . . .  Thoughts?