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Re: Raising KH for more accurate pH control

I live in the Seattle area and we too get plenty of water out of the sky (particularly 
at the moment).  I recently measured my kh and dh and found a zero reading.  How much 
Calcium Carbonate and Baking Soda per gallon do you need to introduce to the tank to 
bring it up to 3.5 - 4?.  Is there a large change in the kh and dh in the summer?.  
I am continuing to dose CO2 from a yeast reactor with a ph around 6.5, happy fish, 
bubbling plants and my tetra CO2 test measuring ideal levels of CO2.  Do most people 
turn off the CO2 supply at night?.

Is anyone else experiencing problems using the archive at the moment?.  It appears there 
are no references to pmdd or kh.  When searching for ‘plants’ it communicates that there 
is no data in the file.