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Re:Alternanthera sellilis

>From: Roxanne Bittman <rlb at nhdgis_dfg.ca.gov>

>I would like to successfully grow Alternanthera sessilis - and by
>successfully, I mean plants with lots of red leaves and bushy growth, like
>in the Dutch Plant Aquarium pictures.  It seems all this plant does in my
>tank is lose its leaves and put energy into root growth.  I usually lose
>patience with it after a few weeks.  Is this too soon?  Is the trick to
>wait until it produces roots and then the leaves will follow?
I would wait unitl it either started growing or died.
Alternanthera sessilis is not suited for submersed growth, according to
Kasselmann in her book, Aquarienpflanzen.  On the other hand, there are a
number of varieties of A. reineckii which are recommended for submersed
growth.  They range from green to red, and leaf shape can vary from short
and oval to long with wavy edges.  I just got, cheap, some plants that look
like A. sessilis, and am giving them a try submersed.  They have only been
planted for about 4 days.  If they stays alive and grow, I will let you

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